THE VLE Portal


No commitment Introduction $30 for 30 mins

  • Meet with you to discuss how we can best assist to combatting the HSC challenge

  • Set up a combat strategy to get organised using what you already have

Subscription packages:

$40 per week or $100 per full month    

you receive:

  • 1-to-1 mentoring to survive the hardest parts of the preparation for HSC exams and assessments

  • Establishment of a time organisation process to juggle students deadlines, exams and commitments that suits the student

  • Availability on-call when students need their mentor either be online chat, call or face to face according to the needs of the student

  • Exclusive access to HSC Survival Kit on THE VLE

  • Resources to be more efficient, enhance writing tasks and improve exam preparation

  • An honest, expert, highly qualified and practising Senior teacher who has delivered  several HSC subjects in a number of government, Independent, Catholic systemic, TAFE and distance education settings.

  • A mentor who has a deep working knowledge of a number of school portal platforms and will be able to advise students how to best use their portal, phone apps and laptop programs to be more efficient

  • Expertise that compliments the hard work the student has already completed and what is being delivered in class

  • Package suitably priced according to the needs of the student

  • On-call assistance not a "time slot" each week

  • Access to In and About Education VLE (The Virtual Learning Environment) for short courses and workshops in a safe online environment or local face to face workshops in small groups