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Knock down the walls and open the door to explore the Real World differently

In and About Field Studies

  • Field studies are designed with teachers to execute their vision for authentic  learning focusing on developing skills used for real world purposes

  • Our guiding principle is to provide an interactive learning experience reflecting tasks that are performed by people in a related "real world" career 

  • We provide complimentary material to your field study hosted by our In and About Education Virtual Learning Environment (The VLE)

  • Your field study design can be subject specific or for Cross-Key Learning Area projects and mapped to the NSW Curriculum

  • There is an opportunity for pre and post workshop to give learners a more holistic learning experience 

  • The learning experience can be crafted to extend students knowledge of their "real world" locally, in depth and with a context with other learning experiences in the classroom

In and About Online

  • In and About Education Virtual Learning Environment (The VLE)  is a vital part of providing a unique and holistic experience that you share with us

  • The VLE has complimentary resources as part of your Field Study, Tour and Classroom program

  • It hosts a diverse range of courses that follow the NSW Curriculum and stand alone courses catering for specific needs for the community

  • Each course for schools features tasks that are not technology based and are interactive

  • Teachers have access to Unit programs that have been mapped to the NSW Curriculum; as well as a diverse range of resources

  • In and About Education collaborates with clients to  modify online course  design and material to better cater for individual learners in their community by request

  • Have a peak at our blog - Talking In and About Education in the Real World 

  • Exclusive professional chat forum discussing all things In and About Education is available by invitation only

  • Our Facebook and Instagram pages feature our special offers and resources

In and About Tours

  • Interactive, on-site and virtual Tours around Sydney and Regional areas are designed to be the spark your curiosity for you to explore and discover an uncovered perspective to your "real world"

  • Each tour is researched to the professional standard expected for higher education with many stories and experiences not commonly presented by other  tour companies

  • Learning tours are designed with teachers to be subject specific or for Cross-Key Learning Area projects that can be mapped to the NSW Curriculum

  • Participants will receive a contextual lecture on-site and access to complimentary material hosted on the In and About Virtual Learning Environment (The VLE)

In and About in the Classroom

  • "Learning in the I & A Box" are  artefacts, notes, learning activities compiled for specific learning intentions as requested by the organising teacher with the option of collaborating with In and About Education to create a unit of work and mapping to the NSW Curriculum

  • Pre-packaged "Learning in the I & A  Box "can be supplied or purchased with complimentary material and Unit Program hosted on the In and About Education Virtual Learning Environment (The VLE)  

  • Other classroom programs and initiatives are available