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told by Claudine Neal, Founder and CEO of In And About Education

In and About Education is the realisation of my passion to provide people who are touring, researching, studying and learning with me; a shared holistic learning experience. A learning event such as a field study, tour or "excursion" should not be experienced in isolation. It needs to be in context with the "real world". The "real world" for each learning community is unique to them.

Excursions, field studies, workshops and classroom experiences from larger organisations are generally prepackaged, expensive and teachers have little or no input into designing the learning to the needs and interests of their cohort. The vision of the teacher has for how the learning experiences should be created and implemented to suit the needs of their learning community has to be the foundation of the design. This deep collaboration makes the learning more unique, engaging and authentic for each individual student.

During the COVID lockdown; many facets of learning turned to being in the virtual space. In and About Education Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) was originally to be a solution for teachers to have online resources. The VLE is now a learning space to extend to learners regardless of their location. Internet access is needed for some e-course material. The VLE features many learning experiences that are interactive, not technology based and require critical thinking. 

Every person can learn. Many engaged learners are not of school age. The fun of sharing the experience of touring with like-minded and engaged people holds life long memories. The stories and places that are experienced from a different perspective or not commonly known make our tours special. I thrive on learning from others. The tours we create are not to transmit my knowledge but to learn from others who are sharing it with me.

Learners who continue to explore and discover the "real world" after being part of In and About Education makes my "real world" special.

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