In and About Education Virtual Learning Environment (The VLE) is a vital part of providing a unique and holistic experience that you share with us. In and About Education continually strives to inspire curiousity, challenge you to explore new ideas and motivate you to continue on your new journey of discovery.

  • The VLE has complimentary resources as part of your holistic experience 

  • It hosts a diverse range of short courses and school based programs that follow the Australian and NSW Curriculum

  • Each course features a diverse range of tasks that are not fully technology based

  • Teachers have access to school-based programs that have been mapped to the NSW Curriculum as well as a diverse range of resources

  • In and About Education actively seeks to collaborate with clients to develop and modify online course design and resources to better cater for their community 

  • In and About Education provides a safe and secure VLE

  • We are open to working with schools to deliver programs on common school based Learning Management Systems 

Course categories

Available courses

The HSC year is tough. This Survival Kit does not include seats on the "Deck of Excuses". In and About Education offers exclusive access to subscribers of the HSC Mentoring program featuring short courses to get into the right mindset, secure forum to share ideas and resources with fellow HSC students who study the same subjects as you and general HSC resources. 

There are no seats here for you on the Deck of Excuses