In and About Education Virtual Learning Environment (The VLE) is a vital part of providing a unique and holistic experience that you share with us. In and About Education is committed to providing access to our programs, tours and courses to all communities regardless of location and cultural heritage. We have several opportunities to share and extend our services remotely.

  • The VLE has complimentary resources as part of your Field Study, Tour and Classroom program

  • It hosts a diverse range of courses that follow the NSW Curriculum and stand alone courses catering for specific needs for the community

  • Each course for schools features tasks that are not technology based and are interactive

  • Teachers have access to Unit programs that have been mapped to the NSW Curriculum; as well as a diverse range of resources

  • In and About Education collaborates with clients to  modify online course  design and material to better cater for individual learners in their community by request

Available courses

This course is to guide you to build healthy learning habits and a strong learning network to lead you to success. It is aimed at students in Grade 5 - 12. You will need to complete all modules and activities. 

By the end of the course you will have 

  • Created a profile of your learning habits, influences and attitudes as they are right now, what your strengths are and how you can improve
  • Implemented healthy habits to enhance your wellbeing as a student
  • Formed a productive learning tribe to learn with effectively
  • Found an appropriate learning mentor
We look forward to working with you.