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Claudine Neal 26/9/2021

Poor Research Methodology and the Olive Branch ignored

The context of this blog is November Platoon (Australian Army Special Forces Commando Unit) has been falsely accused by the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission) to have committed war crimes in the Afghanistan War in 2012. November Platoon Commander (Retired Major) Heston Russell and November Platoon members have provided multiple pieces of credible evidence to prove the allegations to be false. This post is in response to a respondent to a post by Heston Russell who posted primary footage from his camera attached to his headgear. To get an indepth and detailed information go to

Claudine Neal 26/9/2021
The Shrine of Remembrance is not a Place of Protest
Many of my friends and colleagues are highly offended by the actions of those who have CHOSEN to disrespect a place of quiet reflection and giving thanks for the love they shared with their family and mates who have lost their lives fighting for Australia. The behaviour we have seen in recent days of protesting at the Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne do not reflect the value of Australian’s right to protest.

Claudine Neal 23/9/2021
The Strongest Contributors do not make the LOUDEST Noise

There is a sizeable part of the community who are not represented adequately by those who make decisions that influence the direction of the next challenge as parts of Australia follow "the road map" out of COVID lockdown. These are the quiet contributors that have kept their families and the local community functioning. This is authentic demonstration of Australian values. After open up, the quiet contributors will need help to get back on their feet

Claudine Neal
Our Education System is no longer “Fit for Purpose”
Our education system across New South Wales is not the model needed for now or the future. It does not fit the needs of many communities. PROFESSIONAL AND EXPERT Teachers and Educators know how to make the system functional again. Let the professional practitioners do their work without micromanagement and valid interference.
Claudine Neal 21/5/2017
Reflection: Planning for Integrated Curriculum

Students acquire deep subject knowledge, transferable skills and value their learning when they find connection to both the teacher and links between subjects. These connections are better found by students when an explicit link is made between common course content, concepts and skills. The Australian Curriculum labels these as Content Domains and General Capabilities.

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